Techniques used in our Lab

Academic Research fields of interest

Rabbit Polyclonals, Mouse Monoclonal clones anti human proteins antibodies.

These antibodies, reagents, kits, are all used in our immunoassay and imaging technologies.

Bioprocess Equipment and Workstations

  • Aurora Versa Workstation
  • Cepheid GenExpert

Cell Culture Lab

  1. Circadian Rhytm
  2. Kronos Dio Luminescent reader / incubator ( we prefer this to the Lumicycler)
  3. Plates for cell culture
  4. From pipettors
  5. BT Neptune Filter pipette tips, BT10, BT20, BT100 , BT1250
  6. CO2 incubators
  7. fume hoods
  8. cell imaging system

Cleanroom Technology Lab

Biobase BL2 Cabninets for clean rooms with Virusses and equipment.

Environmental Testing Lab

Aquipment, supplies and accessories

Food Testing Lab

Food and beverage safety and quality

Forensic Lab Equipment

diagnostic technologies

analytical techniques

Neuroscience Laboratory

instruments and solutions

Western Blot Equipment

Western blot Devices, consumables, antibodies